Review – The 23rd Psalm: A Holocaust Memoir

Imagine being an eleven-year old Jewish boy when the Nazis occupy your home town. Then, imagine being fourteen when you and your family are forced to move to the ghetto. Imagine watching your parents being marched off to “resettle in German-occupied Ukraine”, knowing that you might never see them alive, again. And, finally, imagine yourself, being moved to ten different concentration camps in Poland, France and Germany before being liberated at the age of seventeen.

George Lucius Salton’s struggle to survive the atrocious and horrific circumstances he found himself in is heartbreaking within his concise and vivid imagery of the events that occurred and events that he witnessed during the Holocaust. The fact that he had the inner determination and strength to continually live under the duress and constant danger he encountered is a testament to his spirit and courage. It is a testament to his goodness.  It is a testament to his parents.


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