Review – The Violin of Auschwitz: A Novel

   The Violin of Auschwitz, by Maria Angels Anglada, Translated by Martha Tennent is a Holocaust-related novel written from a unique perspective.

The novel begins in 1991, during a concert in Krakow, where a woman is playing a violin, but not just any violin. A musician who has finished his part of the concert, and is listening to the rest of it, is enthralled with the exceptional sound and look to the violin. Herein begins a journey that reveals the tale behind that violin, as told by that woman, a tale that begins in Auschwitz.

The beautiful prose regarding the artistic endeavors of creating a magnificent violin somewhat sugar-coated the story line for me and gave it an element of fantasy, veering off track from the severe horrors of the Holocaust. That is the only negative issue I have with The Violin of Auschwitz.

In the sense that the violin gave Daniel a reason to live, Anglada has succeeded in creating the background for his motivation to survive, and a love story between both Daniel and the instrument. The shortness of pages does not lessen the brilliant and magnificent prose written by Maria Angels Anglada. The Violin of Auschwitz is a poignant and beautiful story, and one of will and survival.

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I personally own this book.


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