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Welcome Home!

Welcome home, Gilad Shalit!   What a refreshing, illuminating and wonderful day for Gilad’s family and friends!


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Jewaicious – Review: The Black Seasons

 The Black Seasons by Michal Glowinski is a poignant rendering of portions of Glowinski’s childhood memories from the Warsaw Ghetto to his life while hiding from the Nazis, to being rescued by Catholic nuns and becoming a Holocaust Survivor.

  “The word drifted into my ears as people around me deliberated: will they lock us in the ghetto or not? I didn’t know what this word meant, yet I realized that it was connected with moving; I sensed that it was something adults were speaking of with fear, but to me it seemed that moving would be an interesting adventure.”

Glowinski writes with visual descriptives so vivid and clear that one can almost feel them and inhale the scents of ghetto life.  The struggles of daily existence within the confines allocated to the Jewish people is written with deep clarity. The Black Seasons might seem disjointed at times, but that is due to the fact that events are remembered in that fashion. Can one fault Glowinski for writing in such a manner?  No!  One is transported by the word-paintings, and the canvas and back drop are not a pretty.

The Black Seasons is painterly, the horror well-articulated by Glowinski, and he documents his accounts of fear and anxiety in fragments, remembered through a young boy’s pieces of visual and emotional memory.  He brings us insight into the human condition of the Jewish family unit during the Holocaust.  Glowinski illuminates within us the fact that life is fragile.  Combining the transition from childhood to adulthood, Michal Glowinski manages to transport us through history and time, effectively, brilliantly and with skillful writing.  I highly recommend The Black Seasons.  It belongs in every school library, college and university library, and on your own book shelf.

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Jewaicious – Books and Articles

Until the Dawn’s Light is Aharon Appelfeld’s new novel.  I will definitely purchase it, as I am an avid fan of Appelfeld’s work.

Israeli author Aharon Appelfeld, one of the foremost chroniclers of Jewish suffering through fiction, and one of the few Holocaust survivors still writing at all, is less interested in sequential cause and effect, in plot and resolution, than he is in exploring the tragedy of the human condition.   Shoshana Oldidort, The Jewish Daily Forward

The wisdom Steve Jobs had for Aaron Sorkin is an interesting article, written by Danielle Berrin’s blog , Hollywood Jew.

Berrin has also written a thought-provoking article in her blog, entitled A Jewish meditation on the death of Steve Jobs.


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Jewaicious – Day of Reflection and Atonement


May your Day of Atonement be filled with deep prayer, meaningful reflections, forgiveness for yourself, forgiveness towards others, and remembrance of those who have come before us.  May the sunrises and sunsets of the past illuminate your heart and vibrate religious insight within you.

I wish you all an easy fast.


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Jewaicious – On returning to One’s Birthplace

This is an interesting article regarding David Gerbi, a Jewish man who returned to Libya after being in exile for 44 years.

He visited the Dar Bishi Synagogue in Tripoli on Saturday, with much on his mind re future endeavors.


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