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Until the Dawn’s Light is Aharon Appelfeld’s new novel.  I will definitely purchase it, as I am an avid fan of Appelfeld’s work.

Israeli author Aharon Appelfeld, one of the foremost chroniclers of Jewish suffering through fiction, and one of the few Holocaust survivors still writing at all, is less interested in sequential cause and effect, in plot and resolution, than he is in exploring the tragedy of the human condition.   Shoshana Oldidort, The Jewish Daily Forward

The wisdom Steve Jobs had for Aaron Sorkin is an interesting article, written by Danielle Berrin’s blog , Hollywood Jew.

Berrin has also written a thought-provoking article in her blog, entitled A Jewish meditation on the death of Steve Jobs.


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2 responses to “Jewaicious – Books and Articles

  1. I look forward to reading Aharon Appelfeld’s latest novel.

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