Yes, It’s Me

I’ve been away from blogging for a while.  Life has seen me quite busy, with issues I never dreamed I would be involved in.

I am now officially the day care provider for my two grandies…four-year old Emily and two-year old Logan, while my daughter and son-in-law work, Monday-Friday.  It has been quite the experience so far, with many rewards. We have adjusted well, the three of us.  Oh, we have our days, but don’t we all.

I have taught Emily to read, and she is eager to learn.  She is so proud of herself, and I am so proud of her.  She knows her numbers, basic addition, and loves to sing Jewish songs, nursery rhymes, children’s songs, and loves to dance.  Books are a treasure to her.  Because her  birthday is in May, she will not start kindergarten until August 2012.  I am trying to prepare her for the classroom.

Logan knows his alphabet, numbers, can read certain words that relate to his love of “Buzz and Woody” and Toy Story.  He loves gymnastics, running, jumping, singing nursery rhymes, books, books and more books.  He lives and breathes “Buzz and Woody” anything.

I also make a point of making sure the two of them interact with other children their ages.  We go to the library for story time twice a week, go to the park three times a week, the mall play areas, children’s plays, etc.

When mommy and daddy walk through the door, the grandies are so eager to hug them.  It is adorable how they interact in that particular moment.  I must admit, I am somewhat eager for them to be home after spending all day with Emmie and Logie.  LOL  I love watching them, but am glad when my babysitting day is done.


My free time is limited, and my blogging has fallen short.  I hope that 2012 sees me back in the writing arena, now that I have a definite  routine and schedule for Emmie and Logie.




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2 responses to “Yes, It’s Me

  1. I had not realized you were back to blogging. How nice!
    I am sure the children love being with you and learning from you. I hope school does not disappoints them when they can eventually go. My cousin’s daughter was sad after her first day of school that it was not as exciting as what she learnt at home.

  2. You seem like a wonderful caretaker. We miss you in the blogosphere, but what you offer to your grandchildren is priceless.

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