Strolling by the Beach, Fenced

This is my submission for Straight out of the Camera Sunday.

The individuals are walking towards the entrance to the Santa Monica Pier and to the beach.

I am sorry for the update. I noticed, in one of my comments, that there is a new photo challenge entitled Simply Silver Sunday. I decided to submit a photograph to it, and include the photograph in today’s post. It is a photo I have never posted online, which is one of the rules of submission.

January 1, 2012 – 6 Tevet, 5772


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14 responses to “Strolling by the Beach, Fenced

  1. The people make the palm trees look tall, tall, tall. The red shirted man gives the photo a focal point. You see one looking to the right, one to the left, but we don’t get to see what they see, which gets the viewer curious.

  2. Love the composition! I’m hosting a new photo challenge called Simply Silver Sunday. Hope you will stop by and enter. Please visitSimply Silver
    for details. Thanks! Happy New Year!

  3. Two very different shots! I am always amazed to see people in t-shirts in January. It is very grey and rainy here.

  4. I’m glad you entered my challenge. The fence photo composition is wonderful and I love that it is in black and white. Thanks, again and hope to see you next week.

  5. so wonderful!!
    Happy New Yer!!

  6. Ahhhh to be somewhere warm right about now. Thanks for the warm up!

  7. Both photos are fun I look forward to seeing what you post next wk.

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