All Aboard Jewaicious Water Scenes 1/18/12

The photographs were taken in Long Beach, CA. The first one shows the Queen Mary, which is now a hotel, offers tours, and has exhibits and so much more. Read about it, here. All Aboard!

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22 responses to “All Aboard Jewaicious Water Scenes 1/18/12

  1. Wonderful shots of the place.

  2. Gorgeous! Would definitely be a place to visit if I ever get out to that area! I love the lighthouse picture!

  3. It’s funny as I remember when I was 11, my parents were traveling to England so my Mother could do research for her P.hd…wonder where the money came from for that but it 1967.. We were all going to go over on the Queen Mary which I thought would be great fun, but then flew instead. That would have been something for my sister and I to enjoy…Michelle

  4. Long Beach – we took the catamaran from there to Catalina in 1999 – good and bad memories – so many things changed since then.

  5. The lighthouse picture is very evocative. Thanks for your visit.

  6. what a wonderful place and beautiful shots too

  7. I remember going aboard the boat for a tour and then another time walking around the pretty marina…such a sunny spot for a stroll! Thanks for stopping by at my watery shot!

  8. Thank you, Linnea. It is a nice spot for a stroll and spending the day. I toured the boat, also.

  9. Very nice shots! Love the lighthouse!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Happy day****

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