My World on January 31, 2012

The two photographs above are as different as night and day. Isn’t that what our world is like, though, and shouldn’t we be grateful for that.

Why not browse Our World Tuesday and see some fantastic photographs from around our world.

Irwin Stovroff is an 89 year old war veteran, and still striving to help others. He began the Vets Helping Heroes foundation to help veterans heal by providing service dogs to them.

He, himself, was a prisoner of war for one year, and being Jewish when his plane was shot down, he threw away his dog tags that identified himself as being Jewish.

Read more about his story, here.

What They Saved: Pieces of a Jewish Past, by Nancy K. Miller has won the first Jewish Journal Prize.

On February 15, 2012, the winner of the Sami Rohr prize for Jewish Literature will be annouonced. Browse here, to read about the 2012 finalists.

Deborah Kolben has written a heartfelt article on Simms Taback and Russell Hoban, two Jewish authors of children’s books who died “days apart.

January 31, 2012 – 7 Sh’vat, 5772


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17 responses to “My World on January 31, 2012

  1. Beautiful blue skies. We were in Southern California over the weekend and enjoyed the blue skies but didn’t have a chance to visit the parks and mountains so I appreciate your images.

  2. Stunning shots, especially the first one.

  3. Great shots, love them!
    Have a great day :O)

  4. Wow that’s quite a wild landscape! I love it:)

  5. That is a wonderful story about Irwin..people like him keep me feeling more positive about the world…Michelle

  6. Beautiful landscapes, the second shot is my favorite. I love the water and trees. It is a shame that the dogs tags even have to identify a persons religion. Why is that necessary? Great post and photos.

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