Sunday Scenes February 19, 2012

It is time for Straight Out of the Camera Sunday! It is also time for Shadow Shot Sunday 2. The photograph above was taken last week, unbeknownst to my two grandies. I liked how they were wrapped up in thoughts and shadows.

All photography, writing, poetry, etc. is my copyright and may not be reproduced without my express written permission.

February 19, 2012 – 26 Sh’vat, 5772


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34 responses to “Sunday Scenes February 19, 2012

  1. Wonderful shadows!
    Great composition!

  2. The railing and the shadow compliment the engrossed viewers!
    TQ for visiting n commenting on my post:)

  3. Whatever they are watching is sure holding their attention. The fence is casting wonderful shadows along with the kiddos. Fence shadows are usually interesting, especially the iron fences.
    Nice Shot!!

  4. Very good and nice photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. Oh wow. If we didn’t see the subjects of the shadows it would look like your grandchildren were in jail! I wonder what was so fascinating on the other side of this fence. hmmmm? Happy SSS.

  6. I wonder what they are watching?

    Thank you for your contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

    Dried Roses Shadow, have a blessed Sunday.

  7. Terrific shadow shot for the day! Love your composition! The kids do look like they’ve got something to hold their attention! Enjoy your day!


  8. POWERFUL and the Lines are stunning!!!!


  9. And I like how you worded this: “wrapped up in thoughts and shadows”!

  10. Grandparents are proud of their grandchildren – you teach them very well by your experiences. Here, they are still age of discovery. The want to know what sits beyond the fences in front of them. You have captured them well!

  11. What a precious moment to capture, I love how intent they are.

  12. I love stolen moments shots! Lovely!

    P.S. I was at Lake Balboa Friday and Sunday. And finally I saw the yellow kayak on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and I use the photo I took as my header shot today (its always changing).

  13. You have to wonder what they are thinking about…cute photo…

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