“F” for Fishing and More

The photographs above were taken from the shoulder of a freeway five years++ ago, looking down onto the Caney Fork River in TN. There were people fishing in the river. It made for a wonderful sunny day sight, and I was so glad that I had stopped to take a look.

It is time for three Wednesday memes:

Watery Wednesday

Nature Notes Wednesday

ABC Wednesday

Outdoor Wednesday

Please visit these photo memes to see more wonderful captures from around the world.


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22 responses to ““F” for Fishing and More

  1. I think I know where you captured these beautiful scenes. We cross over the Caney Fork when we travel to Nashville. These are wonderful photos.

  2. Thank you senior hiker. I was on my way to Nashville at the time, traveling past the Cookeville area. If I remember correctly, it was the first view of the river and the second. Either that, or the first and the third.

  3. Oh to be out in that sun just sitting by the water…sigh..waiting till I can do that again..But I have to say that the snow is very pretty tonight…Thank you for linking up to Nature Notes…Michelle

  4. Great watery captures, I like the colorful kayaks or canoes. Looks like a great day to be outside enjoying nature.

  5. it always pays to stop and look 🙂
    the reflection is amazing, beautiful

  6. So green and beautiful. Lovely reflections. Looks so serene!

  7. Even if they catch no FISH, the venue’s nice.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. You hit a meme home run with these four shots!
    ABC Wednesday Team

  9. Wow. I’m glad you stopped to take a look and a photo. Can’t get over all of that lush green.

  10. One of those places you never forget and intend returning to for a picnic one day – and maybe some fishing of course.

  11. The reflections in the water are fantastic. Wonderful place to enjoy nature and take pictures.

  12. A quite and secluded place, lots of greenery! Love the reflections, too!

  13. gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing.

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