Jewaicious and Grandies at Orange Grove

My grandies and I walked (I walked, they jumped, skipped, hopped and ran) through an orange grove today (Monday), in the morning. It was a fun adventure. They picked up sticks, stones, rocks, leaves and whatever else caught their eyes. I enjoyed our time together, and discovered, within the boundaries of the orange grove that there were several ponds and reflection areas.

What a surprise!

Within those ponds were turtles and ducks, haha! The turtles were sunbathing on top of rocks and a platform built for them. The ducks were swimming by, daydreaming in the beautiful sunny day and 80 degree weather. We meandered around the ponds, oohing and ahhing at what was before our eyes. It was a joyous feast of water inhabitants.

My grandie, Logan, was enthralled with the turtles, and watched them jumping into the water, and then swimming underneath the surface. Grandie Emily was more interested in the ducks and their varied colors and sizes. It was fun to see nature through their eyes…their innocent eyes. The wonder of it all.

Nature was shining brightly in all forms, from paddle footed ducks, to shell-backed turtles, to tall grasses and lovely reflections in the water. A good time was had by the three of us.

Memes for these photos:

Our World Tuesday

Straight Out of the Camera Sunday

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All photography, writing, poetry, etc. is my copyright and may not be reproduced without my express written permission.

March 5, 2012 – 11 Adar, 5772


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19 responses to “Jewaicious and Grandies at Orange Grove

  1. What a fun day for all!! I do LOVE that pile of turtles!! Terrific captures for the day! Thanks for sharing the fun with us! Have a wonderful week!


  2. Lovely photos from your outing, I always enjoy seeing the turtles piled up on top of each other. Great sighting and photos.

  3. Beautiful place. Kids will definitely have a great time here.

  4. Oh I just love that orange grove…and the turtles! Sounds like a wonderful day!!

  5. That is a lot of turtles! I don’t think I’ve seen them all bunch to sun themselves like that before, neat.

  6. These are such lovely captures. So close to nature.

  7. And unlike so many kids today, your Grandchildren will love and appreciate nature…I enjoyed reading about their adventure..

  8. Al

    Beautiful shots. An orange grove is so exotic to me!

  9. Beautiful shots of the orange grove and the turtles.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  10. Beautiful pics ! Looked like a wonderful day with your grandies !

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