Jewaicious Site Issues

My site is having issues for those leaving comments, not all of you, but some of you are asked to log in if you are a Word Press user. It is definitely a WordPress problem…here is a WP forum link regarding the situation.

I have been to the varied forums and there is no helpful information on them. No user suggestions apply to me. I do not have the “must be logged in to comment” checked, never have, so it is not that. It appears that hundreds of users have the same issues. It could be thousands (maybe many have not gone to the forum), who knows, but the WP forum shows hundreds with the same issue. It appears to be a WP problem for some of us

I am not sure what the problem is, but I have the same one, trying to leave replies on my own blog. Please bear with me during this time of trial and error. All of my settings are correct, so it isn’t that. Nobody is blocked, nothing checked in order for you to have to log in, etc.

Update…probably not Gravatar issue, although they share the same data, now.



Update: It appears to be Gravatar motivated, along with WP, as they share the same data. Here is a staff response:


We’ve recently updated our commenting system.

Now if someone tries to comment with an email address attached to a account (or Gravatar account, they’re the same), they’ll need to sign into before they can comment.

If commenters have forgotten their password they can request a reset:

How nice that they didn’t mention anything to the users about the change.


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6 responses to “Jewaicious Site Issues

  1. Rambling Woods

    Hi..I can’t comment using my WP account on any WP I did a fake e-mail address and just put my name for this comment. This was changed and even if you follow the directions you can’t comment. This is really frustrating as they have always been good about responding and addressing issues..they dropped the ball big time on this one…Michelle

    • Yes, they have always been good about support, but this event is extremely unprofessional. I left my own comment on the WP blog forum.

      I find it so frustrating, and wonder how long they are going to take to resolve this issue. For support to tell everyone, on the forum link, that they will have to log in as a WP user is atrocious. I can’t believe it.

      Thanks for sticking with me.

  2. For me, logging in with my gravatar account seemed to work.

    If I find out anything, I’ll let you know.

  3. It’s a very annoying problem as now some of my favourite people can no longer comment on my blog.

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