Sky Scenics, Senselessness, Shabbat,

It is time for Skywatch Friday! Visit here for more sky views from around the world.

This has been a busy week for me in regards to books.

I finished The No Potato Passover (and made three recipes from the many mouth-watering ones in the book).

I am in the midst of reading Prague: My Long Journey Home, by Charles Ota Heller. Mr. Heller graciously sent me a review copy, and I feel privileged to have received it.

Jewish Travellers in the Middle Ages sounds like an intriguing read. Hmm.

I must see the film Footnote! It comes to a local theater, soon.

Time to Come Clean on Shoah Role: French train company asked to open WWII files

The world is in a state of senseless acts, which evokes pure sadness in me, and words are inadequate in conveying my feelings. There is genocide occurring in African nations. Why? Where is the humanity? The murders of three children and a Rabbi at a Jewish school, was an act of violence that knows no logic. Three innocent children and a Rabbi. Why? It is horrific and mind-boggling to see the events unfold, not only in the Jewish community, but everywhere, worldwide. My prayers go out to all of the victims and their families, no matter where they are located.

I am also stunned and disgusted by the senseless, unfathomable killing of a young man, a 17-year old boy named Trayvon who was walking to his father’s girlfriend’s home in Florida from a convenience store after buying Skittles and iced tea. He was unarmed, Black, innocent and died screaming for help before he was murdered by a man who followed him, seemingly fearing for his own (the man’s) life. My heart is filled with deep sadness over this killing, and the murderer is walking free, at the moment, due to a clause in a state law. It is difficult to comprehend the unprovoked act, and as a parent, I find it more than distressing. I can’t begin to imagine how his mother and father feel. My thoughts and prayers go out to the parents of Trayvon Martin, the rest of his family and his friends.

Please take a moment to pray for and/or think of all of the victims of senseless acts, worldwide. Shabbat Shalom.

March 23, 2012 – 29 Adar I, 5772

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29 responses to “Sky Scenics, Senselessness, Shabbat,

  1. mswebmaven

    The senselessness of what you describe makes me shudder.

    The Prague and the middle ages books sound intriguing.

    Shabbat Shalom, and thank you for your peaceful photos.

  2. Wonderful shots of the beautiful sky. It is so sad and hard to understand all the senseless violence in the world.

  3. I totally agree about the horror and bewilderment we feel about the different murders you mention. Many, many questions…

  4. we had our share of sadness here in Belgium in the last two weeks..
    glad to discover your blog
    greetings from brussels

  5. The tragedies in both France and Florida are absolutely senseless.
    I like both of your sky photos. You’ve captured two different types of clouds in a beautiful sky, and both are senseless.

  6. Oops — I mean beautiful!

  7. I love the clouds and the pretty blue sky. Beautiful skywatch photos.

  8. my favourite is the last photo. Looks great with that walkway.

  9. Crisp blue skies and puffy clouds – lovely shots!
    Everyday a senseless tragedy makes the news. I don’t think mankind will ever learn.

  10. I tried leaving a comment yesterday but it didn’t post.
    Your shots are lovely! Such beautiful crisp paths above meandering walkways!

  11. starbuck5250

    That first photo is compelling. The sidewalk. Simple, everyday, ordinary. Used by millions each day. This one leads to the heavens. Peace can not come quickly enough.

  12. I’ve tried for three days to leave a comment. WordPress just doesn’t seem to be taking them. Trying to see if this works.
    Beautiful posts!

  13. Nice street view of the skies!

    Sorry for this late visit, been out and about this weekend checking out the wildflowers.

  14. The skies are beautiful …. we live in Florida in the winter as you know and the tragedy seems very close to home…. life is sometimes beyond understanding. (I don’t blog about politics or current events because I’m not capable of adding anything new or creative to what’s already out there, but you express well what I feel and wish I could say.)

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