Wednesday’s World

It is time for Nature Notes Wednesday.

It is also Outdoor Wednesday, today!

April 11, 2012 – 19 Nisan, 5772



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19 responses to “Wednesday’s World

  1. the curve to that tree line is astounding and beautiful!!

  2. Great photo the way you’ve captured the interesting tree trunks!

  3. What a beautiful part of our world. I like both the curvy train tracks and curvy tree trunks.

  4. Are those some kind of train tracks? Wondering what goes on them. Such a pretty view that train must have.

    • Yes, Leora, they are train tracks, for a miniature train, that one can ride upon…literally…sitting on top of the cars. The scenery it goes through is gorgeous.

  5. Like George i also want the curvy train tracks mimicking the curvy tree trunks. It’s rhyming too! haha.

  6. Absolutely delightful shots. I’d love to walk there.

  7. Pat

    What a beautiful journey that little train must make!

  8. Love how those treetrunks bend -great capture!

  9. Great shots, I love the first of the train tracks. And I always love the trees. Wonderful captures. Have a great day!

  10. Tree trunks can show so much personality if indeed it can be said that a tree has a personality..I like to think they do…Michelle

  11. beautiful place but…where are that track going?

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