Wednesday Flowers and News May 9, 2012

My photos are being submitted to Nature Notes Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday.

Rest in Peace Maurice Sendak. You gave us so much to ponder through your wonderful children’s Literature. Thank you.

Rest in Peace Adam Rauch. Your work with the Tibetan movement for independence enriched many lives.

The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival ends on May 10th.

Read about Biblical Scholar Avivah Zornberg, here.

Browse here, to learn about Jewish events, news and so much more, regarding the Los Angeles Jewish community.

No permission is granted to reproduce my reviews, prose of any sort, and photos without my permission.

May 9, 2012 – 17 Iyyar, 5772


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27 responses to “Wednesday Flowers and News May 9, 2012

  1. Beautiful spring flowers — I was sad to learn about Maurice Sendak’s passing — he gave us all so much pleasure.

  2. I too was sad to hear about Maurice Sendak..but his work will live on for children everywhere..including us big kids.. These are beautiful photos..they made me smile Lorri…..Michelle

  3. Love the sea of tulips here! Have a great rest of the week!

  4. Wonderful shots of the beautiful flowers. I was saddened to hear about Maurice Sendak on the radio. I love his books so much as did my daughter.

    • Thank you, Carver. I was saddened too. I love his books, as do my adult children (they did as children and still do), and as do my grandies. In fact, they love Where the Wild Things Are.

  5. The tulips are beautiful, but that first photo is magnificent.

  6. Beautiful photos…and I am glad that you talked about Maurice Sendak 🙂

  7. There is a mural (I have not seen it yet) in Hollywood, in his honor. He is surely missed by every one.

  8. How exciting – I think I have the same sort of purple daisies growing at my front gate. Your picture of them is delightful 🙂

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous. I had such a crazy week – no time to blog. Although sad at hearing of Sendak’s death, the bright part of the week was sharing Chicken Soup with Rice bits with several adult friends.

  10. Truly beautiful photographs! I feel as thou I’m in the garden. Thanks for sharing them.

  11. Love all those vivid colours!

  12. dianne7777

    you acknowledged two very different yet equally talented men who passed
    they both contributed to make the world brighter

    lovely photos

  13. Thank you Dianne7777. Yes, they were both gems in the world.

  14. Wonderful images, what a riot of colour!

  15. so much great color!

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