Egret on Wednesday

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May 16, 2012 – 24 Iyyar, 5772

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21 responses to “Egret on Wednesday

  1. Jane at Levant

    Love those egrets – they are so elegant – we get the odd one or two at a local reserve – have a good week – Jane UK

  2. They are so regal looking on those long legs..beautiful bird. Thank you Lorri…..Michelle

  3. Great photos of a great bird! I like how he’s standing in the reeds in the second one!

  4. Fantastic shots of the beautiful egret.

  5. this beautiful bird has so cool feet. Big and yellow, somehow mismatch itself.

  6. I love the snowy egrets with their bright yellow feet. Great capture.

  7. I do not regret that you captured such a lovely egret.

  8. Hi! Beautiful photo! Egrets are stunning..Thank you! Sunny109

  9. Nice shots! I love egrets too. They used to come to a marshy plot near our house every winter but now the land has been filled up.

  10. Beautiful egrets, they are such graceful, elegant birds.

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