Sunday Scenes – May 20, 2012

A human being is only breath and shadow.

Books are only the shadow and life the real thing. I believe this as strongly as any belief I hold.
Esther Forbes

Visit Straight Out of the Camera Sunday for more photographs from around the world.

Visit Shadow Shot Sunday for more shadowy views.

Books I am in the process of reading:

Jacob’s Return

A Mind of Winter

The Choice to Be

May 20, 2012 – 28 Iyyar, 5772

No permission is granted to reproduce, copy or reuse my prose, reviews, writings, photography, etc., without my permission.



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23 responses to “Sunday Scenes – May 20, 2012

  1. Beautiful water views and love the tangle of shadow patterns cast by the trees in the last photo!

  2. nice place. It seems to have everything I like. Love those summery shots. 🙂

  3. Kelly

    I like all these tree shadows!

  4. kellifrog

    Lovely shots!

  5. Beautiful scenes! I really like the shadows in the first shot.

  6. Beautiful soothing shots! Perfect for a Sunday!

  7. The shadows in all three photos are wonderful. This looks like a perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

  8. That looks like a wonderful place to sit a while or explore.

  9. magicalmysticalteacher

    The water and the shadows sing to my soul!

    Shadowy Tree Ruins

  10. Thanks for your beautiful contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday!

    Mangoes shadow
    Have a great week ahead.

  11. Very peaceful…sigh…made me breathe deeply…

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