Sunday Scenes, – June 3, 2012

Straight Out of the Camera Sunday

It has been productive for me, as far as books go. I have three new books to add to my huge pile of to-reads. I am not concerned, I am getting through the stack of to-reads rather well. I devote specific periods of time to reading, in order to accomplish my perusal endeavors.

I purchased:

Prague Winter, by Madeleine Albright

The First Lady of Fleet Street, by Eilat Negev

Alice’s Piano: The Life of Alice Herz-Sommer, by Melissa Mueller This was published in March of this year, and at 107 years old, she is the oldest living Holocaust Survivor. Her story should be quite compelling and inspiring.

I finished reading 97 Orchard and will review it within the next couple of days.

June 3, 2012 – 12 Sivan, 5772

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12 responses to “Sunday Scenes, – June 3, 2012

  1. I can’t keep up with all your marvelous book reviews. Thank you so much.

  2. Let us know what you think of Prague Winter. I leafed through it at the library, but it didn’t grab me. I will definitely get Alice’s Piano.

  3. Mmmm! The colours are delicious!

  4. Magnificent colors! And what Leora says; you spoil us.

  5. Beautiful colors…my husband probably reads at least 2 and sometimes more books each week…but has no library as I do because he only takes books from the library..

  6. Such beautiful flowers!

  7. Love the beautiful bright colors of those flowers! Great captures.

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