Sunset for Tuesday

I was in a parking lot when I saw the sunset above.

Our World Tuesday

Population boom in Israel since Netanyahu took office.

The Books of Rachel
, by Joel Gross looks to be interesting to me, so I ordered the e-book version.

The Forever Street: A Novel, by Frederic Mortin, is a book I hAve ordered and think I will enjoy for its family saga aspect.

July 10, 2012 – 20 Tamuz, 5772

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12 responses to “Sunset for Tuesday

  1. Enjoy the new books. Your sunset reminds me of a sunrise I saw in a Pennsylvania parking lot when we were on vacation a few years back. I was at Walmart at dawn, buying my kids milk for their cereal.

  2. This is a magnificent sunset. You’ve demonstrated that wonderful beauty can be found in the most unlikely places — even a parking lot.

  3. Such a gorgeous way to end the day!

  4. That is really pretty and I love it when you see something when you aren’t looking for it..that is the best…Michelle

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