Sunday Scenes – July 22, 2012

I can’t say enough about the community garden nestled within the valley. Between the hustle and bustle of traffic, lies a tranquil place where one can rent a plot of land to grow flowers, vegetables, fruits or landscape it in order to sit and relax in the midst of calm.

I like looking at the varied fences and gates that some gardeners have come up with. The simple ones are ones I truly enjoy, no matter their state.

I enjoy walking around the garden center, looking at the creative edge within the landscape, and enjoy coming across the varied benches, chairs and tables that are placed there. Some chairs, benches and tables, are placed specifically in a plot or just outside of it, and some are permanent, put up by the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department.

The table and bench above is one of a few that are permanently placed within the community garden. The grandies and I love to sit here after our gardening responsibilities and have a snack and a drink.

I enjoyed the pop of red of the chair against the white in the photo above.

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July 122, 2012 – 3 Av, 5772

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6 responses to “Sunday Scenes – July 22, 2012

  1. enjoying all your photos. you have a good eye for capturing detail,

  2. This community garden looks like a wonderful place, even if a person doesn’t do any gardening. Your photos are excellent.

  3. I love community gardens..I wish they would become popular here..lovely photos Lorri..Michelle

  4. Love the idea of a community garden! encourages a sense of community spirit and bonding AND creative inspiration AND a sense of achievement! Love that permanent bench and strong shadows!

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