Stones River National Battlefield

I usually post a book review on Thursdays. I won’t be doing that, today, and instead I will post some photographs taken a couple of years back at Stones River National Battlefield in Murfreesboro, TN.

My time has been limited the past 14 months. I now have a bit more free time. My grandie girlie-girl started Kindergarten, yesterday. My grandie boy joy is now in day care. I will have some free time before picking my grandie girlie-girl up from school. That doesn’t mean that I will be posting more, it just means I will have some free time to catch up on my writing goals and on my photography goals. I haven’t had much time to do either over the past several months. I look forward to having the bit of free time.

It is very sobering to visit Civil War Battlefields, and think about how battles were fought back in that time period with extreme muster and intensity, and to think about all the lives that were lost. When I looked at the artifacts of time left over on the battlefields, I couldn’t help but ponder the physicality of war time. I couldn’t help but pray for those lives lost and for the lives impacted by such warring exertion, with limited resources.

Technology has changed immensely, since then, and our technical wartime advances don’t necessarily mean that fewer lives are impaired in some fashion. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. It is sad, but true. Today, I choose to remember those lives lost, those lives injured, the families impacted, and those who fought so diligently and with such veracity, during the Civil War.

August 16, 2012 – 28 Av, 5772

Copyright 2007, L.M. No permission is given to reproduce, copy or use my writings or photographs in any manner.


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12 responses to “Stones River National Battlefield

  1. We’ve visited some of the Civil War Battlefields. You do a great job of articulating the mixed feelings that come with such a visit. I found it necessary sometimes to remind myself that it is important to know — and not to forget — all of country’s history

  2. Interesting post and good shots. It is sobering to visit places like that and think about what it would have been like.

  3. Civil War seemed particularly bloody – brother against brother. I’ve wanted to visit Gettysburg, but my kids were not interested. Another time. I’m glad you have fun/investigative/exploratory plans for the new bits of free time in your life.

  4. After learning that several members of my family on my Mother’s side including 2 teenagers fought in the Civil War. I wanted to learn more about it and have been reading…it really was an awfully bloody war…but I guess most are….Michelle

  5. Thanks for coming by my site and for your comment. I have not been to any sites in Tennessee, but have been to sites around Manassas, since my sister lives in Virginia. I had family fight on both sides of the Civil War. An awful time.

    Shabbat Shalom
    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  6. I visited Stones River many years ago, and I appreciate the memories your words and pictures brought back.

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