Shuttle Endeavour, Shabbat

This is a TV screen shot of Space Shuttle Endeavour on flyby over the building in Palmdale, CA, where it was built.

The Space Shuttle is dear to me, being a NASA retiree. No, I was not an engineer, or in any way affiliated with the design or construction of the Shuttle, but, nonetheless, space flight has touched my heart with excitement since as far back as I can remember.

I have seen several landings of various Shuttles, and felt excited each time I saw one land. It never got old. I met astronauts, and had the privilege to work with one who actually piloted the 747 that ferried the Shuttle back to Florida from Dryden Flight Research Center.

To realize that none of the Shuttles will fly again, brings me mixed emotions. I am grateful for the service that all of the Shuttles and their crew have given our nation. They have been workhorses, through thick and thin, through sadness and joy. Thank you so much.

This Shabbat, please take a minute to recognize all of those who endeavored to make our space program a reality.

My God, My God, I pray that these things never end,
The sand and the sea,
The rustle of the waters,
Lightning of the Heavens,
The prayer of Man.

The voice called, and I went.
I went, because the voice called.

Hannah Senesh

Visit Erika Dreifus‘ blog for some wonderful links regarding Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom!

September 21, 2012 – 5 Tishrei, 5773

Copyright 2007, L.M. No permission is given to reproduce, copy or use my writings or photographs in any manner.


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2 responses to “Shuttle Endeavour, Shabbat

  1. And you quote one of my favorite poems… I know it in Hebrew (we sang it in choir, years ago): kayli, kayli (or eyli, eyli) she lo yegamayr l’olam…

    I work for NASA by doing one of their websites for their New Jersey organization (New Jersey Space Grant Consortium). I always marvel at how people like yourself are so excited by space! I do enjoy the photos.

  2. Lovely poem! When I saw the shuttle on TV it made me smile to think that I know someone who has seen it real.

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