Monday Musings

Fall is in the air, in tree branches, on the ground, all around.

I love the smell of leaves in autumn, love the shapes and sizes of the varied leaves, and love how they blanket the earth with their beautiful tones.

Autumn is also a time for reflection, reflection of times past, lives once lived, and reflection on nature, its beauty, and its foreshadowing. Autumn nature can often take us back to another moment in time spent with loved ones, and it can bring us full force to the reality of the present.

The sky was bright blue, and the autumn sun

bathed the land and trees in golden glow.

I looked out and thought it would be fun

To get out and have a leisurely, slow

walk across the park, to climb the gentle hill,

leaving worries, sorrows behind at home;

‘be good to have my lazy lungs to fill

with fresh air… It was good to have a roam.

The air was clean. It felt like yesteryears,

when home meant children and a loving spouse,

when the house was filled with laughter and cheers…

Refreshed I turned; hurried towards our house…

Opened the door. – “Darling I’m home!” – I said…

…No one … just an empty house n’ empty bed…

© P J Oszmann (2010)

A Stroll in the Autumn Glow – Sonnet



Filed under Judaism, poetry

4 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Nice poem even if it is a little sad. Is its author famous?

  2. I agree the poem is very poignant, but somehow very appropriate for this time of year. The photo is beautiful.

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