Our Veterans, My Veterans

Today is Veteran’s Day, the day that the U.S. celebrates the service of all military veterans, not just those who died in World War I. I honor all of our veterans, and am grateful for their service to my country. Thank you.

My father was a veteran of World War II. He was a Jew, who witnessed the horror of war. He was as patriotic as one could be, and was proud that he served his nation. I am proud of his service, as well.

The photograph above is of my mother on her 80th birthday in 1999. She was also a veteran in her own way, a veteran of her strokes and heart attacks within an eight year period, and of her body’s physical decline.

The bizarre part is that she died on Veteran’s Day in 2004. I miss her more than I can articulate, and she is in my prayers and thoughts every day.

May you be at peace, dear mom and dad. Z”L May your memories be for a Loving Blessing. I love you both.

November 11, 2012 – 26 Cheshvan, 5773

Copyright 2012, L.M. No permission is given to reproduce, copy or use my writings or photographs in any manner.



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6 responses to “Our Veterans, My Veterans

  1. Beautiful photos and words!
    November 11th is always a Day of Remembrance for those who fought in WW1 in France. May 8th is for all soldiers.

  2. You are right to be proud of both your parents. They both bravely fought their wars and should always be remembered.

  3. This is very touching..they raised a wonderful daughter…

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