Sunday Scenes – December 9, 2012

great white egret1

Two poems I found:

Michael R. Collings
c. 2003


First, an egret, show-white hump
Unmoving in the ragged field,
Chalky blur as our car whips by,
Pure against stiff breeze-blown blacks;

Then, some miles further south,
Three–one alight, two awing–
Blending light with cloud, reflecting
Sky to fallow, waiting fields.

Then, on both sides, a dozen . . . more . . .
Sweeping angles, binding earth
To heaven with lustrous, facile flight,
Mirrored in flat watery panes.

No more–or . . . wait . . . silhouette
Against distant snow-caps, one more
Wings silently east, seeking dawn,
Surcease from winter’s murmured ice.

At last, no more. Marsh-black winter
Draws itself to a horizon
Unremittingly flat and gray. . . .
Where egrets must await the spring.

(from the Japanese of)
c. 9th century; transl. Rexroth

Like a wave crest
Escaped and frozen,
One white egret
Guards the harbor mouth.


** contributory thanks to Sam Droege **

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Tonight is the second night of Hanukkah! Chag Sameach!

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December 9, 2012 – 25 Kislev, 5773


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6 responses to “Sunday Scenes – December 9, 2012

  1. I like the short Japanese poem. Great sighting, your lovely egret.

  2. I too like both poems but the one from the 9th century is so neat..from the 9th century..imagine…

  3. Very nice capture and poems!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a nice week****

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