Sunday Scenes December 16, 2012

robin reflecting



The December Jewish Book Carnival is up. There are some great links, including books for adults, books for children and young adults. Why not pay a visit, here.

Visit Scenic Sunday for more photos from around the globe.

Visit Weekend Reflections for more photos from around the planet.

Visit the Jewish Journal to read a book review by Jonathan Kirsch on “Creamy & Crunchy: An Informal History of Peanut Butter, The All-American Food”.

I have finished reading the novel Three Horses, by Erri De Luca. I will post a review soon.

I am almost finished reading the novel The Little Russian, by Susan Sherman.

I have The Woman Who Heard Color checked out from the library, ready to read. .

I also checked out Winter Journal, by Paul Auster.

Hungary’s Jews and what they are facing.

See what is new with the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.


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6 responses to “Sunday Scenes December 16, 2012

  1. That second shot such a soothing scene and a lovely spot!
    All my robins have left for the winter. It’s nice to see this little guy.

  2. How I miss the robins during the winter..lovely and no, I am still not back to reading..I have no concentration right now, but am researching to learn more about my cancer..hugs…

    • I miss robins, so much. This was taken a couple of years ago, when I lived in a location where robins came in spring.

      You are reading…learning about what you need to educate yourself on. Big hugs

  3. Love your robin. He looks unreal.

    Must go visit the Jewish Book Carnival. Tks for the link.

  4. Thanks, Leora. He does look a bit like a statue. LOL It was taken through a window.

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