Blog Name Change


I have renamed my blog. I will still be posting the same type of content, but wanted a different name.

Please be patient with me over the next couple of weeks. I will be redesigning my page at some point, and will be testing out various themes. What you see one moment, might not be the same theme the next moment.


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15 responses to “Blog Name Change

  1. Ooh, how exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing how your blog evolves… I love the new name 🙂

  2. New beginnings are always exciting!! Good luck with the re-designing process.

  3. OK, seems rather mysterious. Love the dry fall leaf photo.

    • Thanks, Leora. I just wanted my blog to reflect my actual name, and I was able to change it without creating an entirely new WP blog. The name I initially wanted to change it to was taken. So were six other variants, with the name “Lorri” in it, so I used the word “realm”, instead.

      • As a web manager/developer/builder, I pay more attention to the url. I see you haven’t changed that (you would need to a lot of redirects to do so, not fun). It’s still Lorri posting … that’s what is key to me. Your voice isn’t changing (can you tell I get scared of change at times?)

        • No, my voice is the same, just the name, thank you for noticing that. It would have been a nuisance to change the url, and there was basically nothing to do as far as redirects, etc., to keep it.

          Change is often difficult…I was hesitant…but decided to go through with it.

          Shabbat Shalom!

  4. I’m late reading (got behind in our relocating for the season)…for a minute I thought my computer had gone crazy, because I expected you and got …well, you, but under a new name. Glad I didn’t have to scroll down to far here to find all that out. I like the name and will be here often (now that we’re settled in more or less).

  5. It is nice to try out something new….

  6. I’ve thought of changing me-ander’s name, but I love the banner, and I’ve had the blog for so long… I could keep the banner on the bottom and do something totally new…

    • Yes, you could do it that way. It was a difficult choice for me, but I wanted my name as part of the blog title, without creating another blog. I am still going to blog on the same issues and book reviews.

  7. Hi,wondering if you can recommend someone. I am in need of a re-design of my book blog. It is a personal blog, not professional. Good luck with your name change.

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