Wednesday Photographs

odd rainbow.jpg

Apparently, as I took the photo, above, the rainbow that was visible, split itself between the leaves and branches, and gave an odd effect within the finished photograph.

winter dryness

winter dryness2

Much of the inner river area that runs near the lake (the Sepulveda Basin and Dam) is basically dry right now, and not high at all. We have had a bit of rain, which has given the Los Angeles River, that flows near the lake, a bit of water, but not much. The river is normally fairly dry in this area. The other tributaries can be fairly full, especially after a rainfall.

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I have been busy catching up on some reading. I managed to finish two books.

I am about to go for my daily walk, which means that I will drive a short distance to the lake, and take my walk there, this morning.

After that, I need to run some errands, nothing of great significance. Once I am home and settled, I will write a couple of book reviews to be posted at a future date. I have about six to write, and hopefully I will finish at least two of them.

I hope you have a good Wednesday.

January 9, 2013 – 27 Tevet, 5773

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11 responses to “Wednesday Photographs

  1. The top photo with the broken up rainbow is a pleasure to view. Your scenes are tranquil and calming, despite the dryness.

  2. What a lovely insight into your day, not to mention restful images. I love the split rainbow effect – a true prism of white light split into all of its hues!

  3. I love the effect of the broken rainbow. Looks like a beautiful place to walk.

  4. My favourite is the top photo too. Interesting to see how different your environment is from mine.

  5. Oh serendipity.. it made for a beautiful photo.. I may have to come and recover out at your house. I could use the sunshine and could spend months in your library… hugs…Michelle

  6. LOL, thanks, Michelle. You can’t threaten me, any time, come on. LOL Hugs

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