Holocaust International Remembrance Day

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Please take a moment to reflect and remember.


Recovered items on display at Israeli Holocaust Memorial.

Yad Vashem Commemorates International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity

Wikipedia link.

Simon Wiesenthal Center

Silale, Lithuania, where some of my paternal ancestors lived, and where some were murdered in the Holocaust.

I have not been blogging for almost two weeks. I have had a severe case of the flu or some virus. I am almost 100%, but not quite. It has been an exhausting several days. My body is still feeling the affects and effects.


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6 responses to “Holocaust International Remembrance Day

  1. Refuah shelemah, Lorri. Flu is so nasty, but I am glad you are on the mend. Thank you for the interesting links and for the photo of your ancestors’ home town.

  2. I am sorry to read you were poorly. Keep well!
    Have you been to Silale? Very impressive photo!

    • Thanks, on the photo. No, I haven’t been there. An internet friend who lives in Vilnius, traveled to Silale a few years back to take several photos for me. It was such an act of kindness, a Mitzvah.

  3. I did miss you, and I noticed your absence. I was kind of hoping it was more distractions of family instead your being sick. Hope you are better.

    Lithuania looks cold. I’m glad my ancestors decided to move to NY instead (although some of the relatives did not and thus perished).

  4. Thanks, Leora. I couldn’t stand looking at the computer screen, it made me feel dizzy. I am getting there, little by little.

    It is cold there, and the day my internet friend Erni and his girlfriend drove there, it was snow storming like crazy. He took about 20 photos, specifically for me. Then, they drove back home, about a two hour drive. What a dear heart. He is Jewish, and realized how important the photos would be. I cherish them.

    I am glad my ancestors moved to England, although, like you, some did not, and perished. My father was born in England, before moving to NY.

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