Wednesday Writings


Not much is new in my world. I have not been out and about as usual, due to the fact I have been sick. I am just about back to normal, whatever that means, LOL.

I miss walking at the lake, and hopefully will get to do so this weekend. I am feeling the withdrawals of walking and of taking photographs. This will soon pass!

Through Trees2

Meanwhile, I have been reading and writing. I will be posting a review, tomorrow on a book by Michelle Cohen Corasanti, The Almond Tree.

I am in the midst of reading The Provider, by Evelyn Marshall.

I finished reading Above All Things, by Tanis Rideout.

That is it for now. Take care.


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9 responses to “Wednesday Writings

  1. I miss walking about in nature, and I *haven’t* been sick. Although I was skiing in the freezing cold last week in Vermont. But it was way too cold to look at my watch, never mind manipulate a camera.

    Glad you are reading books – I enjoy your reviews.

  2. I can imagine how cold it was it VT. Do you go skiing often?

    Thanks on the reviews.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been sick, and I hope you are soon out and about taking more of your wonderful photos.

  4. I’m gas you’re back on the road to ‘normal’! I know what you mean about feeling stir crazy after being cooped up for a few days! A bit of fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine should help! xo

  5. I am glad to hear this..this is entering week 4 for me and still not there..but at least I am headed in that direction…Michelle

    • Thanks, Michelle. I still need rest, according to my doctors, and due to my ongoing medical issues, they are concerned I might end up with some serious side effects from the virus and from fainting. I took an extremely hard fall.

      I will eventually get there. Glad you are getting a bit better.

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