Lorri M. Book Review: Above All Things

mt view thru

From the first page until the last page, I could not put the novel, Above All Things, by Tanis Rideout, down. It is fascinating on so many levels, and not just regarding the fact of George Mallory’s legendary status as an explorer.

Above All Things is an intriguing read, a fascinating look at not only the man, but his wife, Ruth, and his family. The familial dynamics is portrayed with sensitivity, yet with stark reality. The prose is extremely descriptive, affording the reader a look not only into the historical value of the novel, but also the interactions displayed within the family unit and the other individuals who chose to seek the glory of reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, along with Mallory.

There are several questions that came to mind while reading this magnificently written novel. How does one leave a wife and children behind while they go on to seek fame and accomplishment? How does a wife cope with her husband’s decision to do so, waiting for word of his safety, waiting for correspondence, for any sign of his trek up the mountain? Does love mean that one gives up the comforts of having a husband nearby in order for him to fulfill his dreams? And, what of the children whose father is absent, does the father’s goal to summit Mt. Everest mean that his goal becomes their goal? Many thoughts arose while I read this incredible story.

Rideout accomplishes so much within the pages with her magnificent prose and her understanding of human nature and the desire to accomplish what others have not. We are taken on the journey, not only with George Mallory, but his wife and children. Each foothold is told with breathtaking word-imagery, leaving this reader almost breathless reading the story.

The descriptions of the mental and physical suffering endured by George Mallory is brilliant, as well as how Rideout portrayed Ruth Mallory and her emotional and mental suffering, left behind, constantly wondering about the outcome, and left behind to tend to young children, trying to act as if nothing unusual is occurring.

Once you begin this masterfully written novel, you will find it difficult to put down. Tanis Rideout is brilliant in every aspect of writing, creating intrigue, fascination, excitement, inner strength of the characters, and in affording the reader an intense look into George and Ruth Mallory’s relationship and the obsessiveness to fulfill one’s life-long goal. It is a novel filled with dreams and the courage to succeed, and filled with love and loss. It is a gripping story of poignancy and heartbreak, perseverance and inspiration.

I highly recommend Above All Things, by Tanis Rideout to everyone.

Thank you to LibraryThing for the complimentary copy.


I love mountain scenes, and enjoy hiking within some of the local mountain trails, trails that are good for exercise walking, and trails that are not overly steep or leading to extremely high elevations. I can not imagine trying to climb a mountain such as Mt. Everest.

February 4, 2013 – 24 Sh’vat, 5773

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7 responses to “Lorri M. Book Review: Above All Things

  1. Thank you for bringing another fascinating book to our attention. I also like your photos. I enjoy hiking very much, but I have never tried any mountain climbing.

  2. Thank you, George. I enjoy hiking, also.

  3. I have to say I feel so bad for the wife/mom in the book you describe. I’m not sure I could read it. I LOVE your bottom photo of the mountain. Looks like a pleasant mountain to climb.

    • Thanks, on the photo. It was pleasant and an easy trek.

      I felt awful for the wife, it was heartbreaking. But, it was a complimentary book, and I felt I needed to finish it and review it.

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  5. I have watched programs following teams in this climb and I too thought of their families as some of them died..am going to get this book soon..Michelle

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