Sunday Scenes – February 17, 2013

Today is my daughter’s (Sarah) 39th birthday (no Jack Benny pun intended). Happy birthday dear sweetness and light, Sassi!

Also, Happy birthday to my friend Hannah


pond and ducks

The one synagogue that survived the Holocaust near Auschwitz is nearing the state of collapse.

I must read this book, The Rarest Blue: The Remarkable Story of an Ancient Color Lost to History and Rediscovered.

Freud’s Sister looks to be a compelling book, and one that apparently raises a lot of questions.

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Sun, 17 February 2013 – 7 Adar, 5773


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4 responses to “Sunday Scenes – February 17, 2013

  1. Happy birthday to your daughter!

    A childhood friend of my husband’s has worked on the history of tekhelet (I believe he may give tours on the topic in Israel). I will be interested to read your take on this topic.

  2. Thank you, Leora. How interesting on your childhood friend. I have put a hold on the book from the library.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you daughter..I think she must be amazing as she has a wonderful Mom…hugs..

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