Sunday Scenes – March 3, 2013


The way the cherry blossom stood out through the shadows was very uplifting. I liked the way it was illuminated while soaking up the sun.

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shadow shot sunday

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March 3, 2013 – 21 Adar I, 5773


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9 responses to “Sunday Scenes – March 3, 2013

  1. I is uplifting…hugs..

  2. It’s nice to see spring … glad it’s spring in your area. We have cold weather, still. Gorgeous photo.

    • We have bizarre weather…one day it is in the thirties, the next day (literally) it is 80. The flowers and trees don’t know what to do.

      Thanks, on the photo.

  3. Such a beautiful shot!

    Shadow Shots
    Your comment is greatly appreciated!

  4. After all the snow and cold this winter, we in New England are quite ready for new blossoms – these cherry blossoms are wonderful, small but full of rich color. A lovely view hopefully sooner, not later for us snowbirds!

  5. The blossom seems to glow with magical light! An inspiring sight!

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