Mazal Tov! and Girlie-Girl-Grandie

Congratulations to my grandson, Anthony! He graduated high school (yesterday in Japan). From the photos I saw, he looked so handsome! I am so very proud of him. Mazal Tov! I wish I could have physically been there, but I was there in spirit.
I must share this tidbit between Emily and I. Remember she is five-years old.

Emily: Grammy how old will you be on your next birthday.

Me: 70 years old.

Emily: Wow, you will be almost 100 years old!

Me: Smiling, at Emily through the rear-view mirror.

Emily: Soon you will need a walker or a wheel chair to get around (said in all seriousness).

Me: Howling so hard tears came out of my eyes. I tell her she is so funny and makes me happy.

Emily: Howling also.

The two of us: Laughing and enjoying the moment.

I love that girlie-girl to pieces.


The photograph above was taken at the lake during my walk the other morning, on an overcast day.

Shabbat Shalom!

March 8, 2013 – 26 Adar I, 5773

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5 responses to “Mazal Tov! and Girlie-Girl-Grandie

  1. Gorgeous photo. And I love your enthusiasm about your grandchildren.

  2. It looks as if Spring has arrived in your part of the world. I love your conversation with your granddaughter. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  3. Oh lovely news and how I want to be a grandma some day.. hugs to you!!!

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