Tuesday Writings


I have not been blogging, lately. My mind was not on my blog, but rather, on Boston. I had nothing motivating to say, and needed to stay offline, re my blog.

I am not sure I am ready, yet, to blog, but I will post a short something. Nature was not part of my activities the past few days, I wasn’t motivated to walk around the lake, and my thoughts were elsewhere, and so were my eyes and ears…glued to the news for any bit of new information re Boston.

It was difficult to even read due to lack of concentration. I finally began a book, The Innocents, by Francesca Segal.

I have two library books that I managed to get the drive to check out, earlier:

We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust

Nine Suitcases

I have The Black Madonna of Derby on my Kindle.

I also have The Essays of George Eliot, on my Kindle.


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10 responses to “Tuesday Writings

  1. I had a similar week, but in my case I did walk around with my camera. And few around me seem glued to the news, so I talked to them about other matters.

    For me, it was a repeat of when we used to turn on the news and hear about a bombing in Israel. Only this time it was in my hometown of Boston. The Israelis built a security fence, which has stopped the internal bombings there (not Sderot, of course). What security does the U.S. have to offer us? I don’t feel at all at peace with this one. Wish I was leaving you a happier comment.

    Thanks for the book recommendations. Good luck with the concentration.

    • I am hoping to get out with my camera, later on, today. We will see. I feel the same way, Leora…what security is offered us? I have been wondering that, myself.

      Thank you for the visit.

  2. I think it was much the same for many of us. I have a niece and many friends in the greater Boston area. Thankfully everyone I love is safe, but my heart is broken for those who have been killed and maimed. Your sunflower is a welcome face of joy.

  3. Tragedies can leave us speechless, which is usually better than instant response when stupid things are said or written.
    I enjoyed ‘The Innocents’; I hope you do too.

  4. The events in Boston were so horrific that it has been difficult to think of much else.

  5. I’m so sorry of have felt so robbed of words and spirit, Lorri. I was talking about the events with one of my work colleagues and we agreed that it reminded us of when the IRA was active in the UK. It’s 20 years ago this week since the Bishopsgate bombings in the City of London – that event, although it caused massive destruction of buildings didn’t have the same impact on human lives. The IRA obviously has a horrific track record of killing and injuring many people, both military and civilian. But one life lost, is one life too many. Numbers don’t come into it, in the end.

    I hope that you are able to reconcile this soon. And such a relief that all who you know and love are safe (the same goes for you, Leora). The people we deal with on a business basis in Boston are also safe.

  6. I am glad your business associates are safe. I am getting there, slowly. It is just taking time…the shock of it is wearing off.

    In-country events like this are so horrible and difficult to deal with. The same with the IRA.

    I know, the IRA, it was a terrible time period, and I agree, one life lost is as if we are all lost.

    Thank you for your empathetic comments…I really do appreciate it. xoxo

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