Cancer in Varied Forms

Most of us know a family member, a friend, or have heard of a family member or friend of a friend, who has/had cancer. I had both my ovaries removed in 1989, when it was determined that one was precancerous. Life went on, and continues to do so. I felt relieved to be free of the possibility of a future with ovarian cancer. The scar I bear, to this day, is an attribute to my decision to have the second ovary removed, so as not to be surprised down the road with ovarian cancer. The fact I had the two ovaries removed did not define who I am, but rather define who I am not. I am not one to stand back and feel sorry for myself.

My mother had Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer, and had a mastectomy, to remove her entire breast along with more than a dozen of axillary lymph nodes (supraclavicular nodes, infraclavicular nodes and internal mammary nodes). She was extremely lucky to have the surgeon she did.

She survived the cancer, and when she died it was not from breast cancer or any form of cancer. She was an inspiration, forging forward, ever cognizant of life, and held a positive attitude throughout everything she encountered. For her, the loss of a breast was nothing compared to loss of life. She would look in the mirror and give thanks to G-d for allowing her to have more time with family and friends. She would look in the mirror and not let her scarred skin determine the person she was.

My first cousin died in 2008 from breast cancer. She battled it for three years. A cousin of mine died last August of lung cancer. The mother of my daughter-in-law had a lung removed due to lung cancer, and she never smoked a day in her life! One of my daughter’s coworkers has breast cancer. The cousin of one of my daughter’s coworkers has breast cancer…she is 26 years old, and needs a complete mastectomy…she feels lucky that it was found.

It has come to light that the actress Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy recently, due to high breast cancer risk. I applaud her for coming forth with the fact.

Other celebrities, such as Sharon Osbourne, Christina Applegate and Giulana Rancic have had mastectomies. TV host Brooke Burk-Charvet has surgery for thyroid cancer. These are just recent incidents.

I have ancestors who died of cancer…colon cancer and also pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately cancer is here to stay, and generations to come will become involved with the disease.

Cancer is not a pretty sound. Many people choose to ignore the word, others choose to fight the fight. Whatever the choice one makes, it is individual. Education regarding the various diseases that are encompassed within the cancer realm is extremely important in order to educate others so they can make informed decisions.

Tonight the festival of Shavuot begins, honoring the day G-d gave the Torah to the entire Israeli nation who were present at Mount Sinai. Take a moment, within your commemoration to reflect upon those you know, or know of, who have had cancer.

Sorry for the update…I saw an error needing correction.


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15 responses to “Cancer in Varied Forms

  1. I was going to ‘Like’ this post, but I can’t decide if that’s the appropriate action to take, or not. There is nothing to ‘like’ about cancer, although your post is very positive and strong. I think it is a very brave decision of Angelina Jolie’s to share something so private and personal, but if it saves somebody else’s life, then it is all to the good.
    Thank you for sharing this point of view, and your personal life, with us.

    • I understand your decision on “liking’. I think she is very brave, also. Her coming forward is was sparked this post.

      Thank you for your comments.

  2. Thank you for writing this post and thus reminding us about education and awareness.
    Chag Sameach!

  3. Thank you for the post. You are right Cancer is here to stay. But, the fortunate thing is Cancer research has come a long way. I remember a time when it was thought a cough, or a sneeze was the cause of Ca. I was a floor nurse in 80’s, and 90’s. I no longer practice my profession, but I have learned that research has come a long way. There were different theories that researchers thought you COULD CATCH, AND SPREAD CANCER. What a misconception back then. Now they know it is genetics.
    How cancer is treated, and thought of, It used to be very scary. It was a death sentence. Thanks to, and I am not a spokesperson for Susan B. Koman foundation. But, they have been instrumental in funding millions of dollars to Breast Cancer research.

    I had a best friend in New York, her mom learned she had cancer, this was back in 1980’s. She was so scared to get treated she let it go till it was too late. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do for her.
    But, now a days it is not necessarily a death sentence.

    My grandmother, my Great Aunt, and my mom all have had breast cancer, and lived for many years after. My mom is still going strong. I applaud Jolie, for coming forward to talk about it. G-d Willing she will live many years to come as well as the other Pre Cancer, and Cancer survivors. Who knows they may find a cure, but I don’t think it will be in my time.

  4. Thanks for the visit, Susan. Yes, Cancer research has come a long way. We still need to learn more, though, but we have made strides. I am an avid Susan B. Koman fan, and have walked their walks, etc.

    It is amazing how much has been learned since way back when.

    I don’t think a cure will be in my life time, either, but advances in Cancer, all areas of Cancer have significantly improved.

    I gave up my second ovary, so I would not have to worry about my future, and so my children would not lose me to ovarian cancer. I would give up my breasts without hesitation.

  5. shilohmuse

    important message, thanks

  6. Cancer is such a nasty word. My wife died of a particularly aggressive form of cancer. She lived less than a year after it was discovered. Our children were grown by then, but it was still hard on all of us.

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