Scent of the Moment

yellow sunset 2

I am participating in The Trifecta writing challenge. The idea is to respond with no less than 33 and no more than 333 words. We must use a one-word prompt, and this week’s word is: Crack: 3a : a narrow break : fissure.

My work count is exactly 333 words:

She looked out at the lovely sunset, and thought about the events that occurred yesterday, at the same point in time. She had been listening to a song from the forties, remembering her father on his birthday, through music. The song was reminiscent of watching her parents dancing the fox trot on the boardwalk at Coney Island, and at Jones Beach.

She had curled up in her favorite chair, put a cup of tea on the table next to it, and nibbled on a cinnamon scone. The moment she put the scone down, the scent enveloped the space around her. It was not the aroma of cinnamon, but something much stronger. It was distinct, familiar to her from years past. Along with the odor was a swoosh, the sort of sound and slight movement of air that occurs when someone is dancing or walking close to the space around you.

The gentle touch on her shoulder startled her, and it gave her goose bumps. She couldn’t believe it, and had to look around to make sure nobody else was in the room, although she knew she was the only person present. It was an instinctual move.

She stepped outside in order to make sure there wasn’t a small fire somewhere, and to make sure nothing was wrong with the air conditioner and/or venting system. She wanted to cover all bases. She stepped inside and checked the stove, all of the electric outlets, and checked the water heater. All was in fine order. There was only one explanation, one that made her feel both anxious and feel happy at the same time.

She didn’t smoke, but her father had smoked ever since she could remember. She knew, without doubting, that the scent was that of a cigarette. She remembered those “Camel” cigarettes and how they smelled. The smell was pungent, unmistakable, seeping through an opening, a fissure in the time continuum. She knew her father had visited her, letting her know all was well.

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19 responses to “Scent of the Moment

  1. A very sweet scent! A lovely and moving piece Lorri.

  2. What a lovely story! You brought in all the senses and I love that she was remembering her father through music. What a wonderful thought! 😀

  3. This is very moving and poignant, Lorri. I really love the idea that the narrator’s father is letting her know that all is well.

  4. Thank you, Freya. These unexpected moments do occur to us at times. Some times it is once in a lifetime, but that one time…means so much, and is comforting.

  5. i wasn’t expecting that ending at all. It came as a lovely surprise after the build-up of tension. Beautiful moment.

  6. You are a wonderful writer as well as an excellent photographer. This is a marvelous story.

  7. Draug419

    Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, so this gets even more awesome points for that. Great piece.

  8. Awww … how sweet and reassuring !

  9. Your blog was awarded the Liebster Prize.  For more information and how to respond, here are the details me-ander: Awarded By and To…
    ps I’m just passing on the favor.  I hope you enjoy.

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  11. You write beautifully. I really get the sense of the daughter connecting to the father.

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