Elul Reflections, High Holy Days Reading


Time has a way of moving forward, and before we know it, the High Holy Days will be upon us. Elul is the month preceding the Days of Awe, and the entire month should be devoted to introspection, reflection, considering the Mitzvah/Mitzvot we have undertaken, and the kindnesses we have shown and shared. It is also a time for reviewing our spirituality and whether we have moved forward with it, and it is a time to pray and forgive. Forgiving does not mean we agree with the other person/persons. We are simply forgiving them for what we see or feel they have negatively done to us. It is a way of letting go of harbored anger or thoughts regarding another or others. In this way, by releasing the feelings and thoughts, we can move forward, using our energy towards positiveness.

We must also reflect on what we might have done to make another person’s life less comfortable and/or less filled with happiness. Try to think about whether you have wronged another, whether inadvertently or with a sense of anger and/or resentment. An apology might be difficult, but once you have done so, a burden will be lifted.

Some recommended reading in preparation for the High Holy Days:

Waiting for Rain, by Bryna Jocheved Levy

The Koren Sacks Siddur: A Hebrew/English Prayerbook
, by Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks

Preparing Your Heart for the High Holy Days, by Dr. Kerry M. Olitzky

A Jewish Woman’s Prayer Book, by Dr. Aliza Laviwe

Days of Awe: A Treasury of Jewish Wisdom for Reflection, Repentance, and Renewal on the High Holy Days, by Shmuel Yosef Agnon

The How & Why of Jewish Prayer, by Israel Rubin

The Gift of Rest, by Senator Joe Lieberman

The Jewish Body, by Melvin Konner

Man’s Search for Meaning
, by Viktor Frankl

Seyder Tkhines, by Devra Kay

Hours of Devotion, by Dinah Berland

Entering the High Holy Days, by Rabbi Reuven Hammer

Shabbat Shalom!


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4 responses to “Elul Reflections, High Holy Days Reading

  1. I mean to read a few things to prepare for the High Holidays and your list is most welcome! Thank you.

  2. PS: This post is greatly illustrated by the photo.

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