Honey Cake for the New Year


Here is a link to my honey cake recipe.

The photograph above was taken a couple of years ago, and shows the cake after coming out of the oven.


I will serve a honey cake on the plate pictured above for Rosh Hashanah dinner dessert. Along with the honey cake, there will be orange marmalade, powdered sugar, whipped cream, pomegranates, and various berries and nuts to go along with the cake.

honey pot

There will be apples and honey to go with, for a sweet New Year, and the honey will be served in the honey pot shown above.

I am not sure I will be online before Sunday, and if I am not, L’shanah tovah, to everyone! I hope year 5774 is filled with good health, love, joy and peace.

Be well.


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5 responses to “Honey Cake for the New Year

  1. Your plans sound lovely, your cake plate looks lovely, and I love the opportunity to wish you and your family a Shana Tova.

  2. Reblogged this on Lorri M. Writings and Photography and commented:

    Shana Tova! I hope the New Year brings you happiness, sweet moments, health, and love.

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