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mikveh israel

The photograph above was taken by me a few years ago. It shows the synagogue interior of Congregation Mickve Israel.

Thank you to Leora’s book review: Short Story Review: The Oxford Book of Hebrew Short Stories, I now have another book to read. My library was able to get it from the main branch, and I picked it up this afternoon. I also picked up Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, by Matthew Dicks, and another book entitled Max. by Howard Fast. Speaking of Howard Fast, I bought his novel, Second Generation at a used book shop.

Between the three library books and the one I bought, I will be busy the next few days. Oh, did I mention that I am in the middle of reading Unexpected Gifts, by S. R. Mallery?

I finished reading The Memory Palace: A Memoir. It was a good read.

The Chicken Lady of Jerusalem: A Life of Giving, the Remarkable Story of Clara Hammer, looks to be an inspiring book.

Margot: A Novel, by Jillian Cantor seems to have a unique take on Anne Frank’s sister.

Thoughts go out to my friend, hoping she will get through the next few days of emotional moments.

I am sorry for the update, I inadvertently left out a link.

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4 responses to “Books Reading, Read, To-Read, and More

  1. Hi Lorri, I am curious to know how you like Margot. I have it too. Looking forward to your review on Margot. Shabbat shalom.

  2. So much to read! Thank you for the link and nice mention.

    I took out The Oxford Book of Jewish Short Stories. I read about half of them. This one did include Agnon (it was published earlier than the anthology I reviewed) – A Whole Loaf. So now I am stuck wanted to figure out the symbolism behind the loaf and wondering the details (as Agnon was famous for layers of symbolism).

    • Oh, thanks on The Oxford Book of Jewish Short Stories…Agnon…that will definitely have me see if I can get a hold of it. He is quite the author as far as symbolism goes. If I can’t get it, maybe I can find the short story.

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