Erev Passover/Pesach

orange kiss

orange-grove 11

I have posted these photographs taken at an orange grove, before. Yesterday I was at the orange grove, participating through the Jewish Federation with their involvement in the Food Forward Program.

It seems fitting, to me, to post about Food Forward, because it is a humanitarian program, a program that recognizes the human condition and need for the donation of, collection of, and distribution of, food for the needy.

If you celebrate Passover/Pesach, remember those who are in need of food, as you sit at your table (or relative’s table, or friend’s table) tonight, the eve (erev) of Passover/Pesach. Maybe your thoughts will inspire you to donate food to a local food bank or organization. Maybe you will be motivated to help with the collection or distribution of food to needy individuals. Just an hour of your time volunteering in any capacity can be so meaningful, in so many ways.

Chag Sameach!



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6 responses to “Erev Passover/Pesach

  1. Thank you for the reminder that we need to remember others during times of celebration.

  2. Great photos! I am always amazed at how advanced flora is California. Thank you for the reminder that many people are worse off than we are.

  3. Lovely oranges. Yes, we need to remember those less fortunate.

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