Morning Mist, Books


The photo above was captured while driving on the Pacific Coast Highway, just south of Carmel, CA. The morning mist surrounded the trees.

I have finished reading:

Panic in a Suitcase, by Yelena Akhtiorskaya
The Museum of Extraordinary Things, by Alice Hoffman
Love and Treasure, by Ayelet Waldman

I have a couple of e-books checked out from the local library written by Stefan Zweig to read. I need to download a few more in preparation for my four-day trip up north to visit my brother at the end of the month.


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4 responses to “Morning Mist, Books

  1. I really like your photo — the mist is beautiful.

  2. What a wonderful photo. Love the mist.

    Wonder how you liked the books; I suppose they were good enough to finish reading.

    • Thank you, Leora.

      Yes, I finished the books…they were okay. I need to return to non-fiction more often. I seem to have saddled myself with “passable” fiction, lately.

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