Sense of Calm


I am finding that I need a sense of calm in my life, lately. Issues have been clouding my tranquility, so I have taken to posting some photographs that bring some serenity, while looking at them.


It’s an unstable world out there, in many aspects. The rantings, ravings, and violence from just about every corner of the world are filled with hatred, prejudice, fear, destruction, horrific scenes, and human inequality and degradation. It isn’t isolated to one country, but basically a worldwide disorder. Chaos, tragedy and sadness fill the planet.


I must remember to meditate this afternoon…breathe…inhale…exhale…listen to the silence… It helps, a little, in the daily scheme of things.


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6 responses to “Sense of Calm

  1. I’m enjoying your photos – they do bring momentary calm for me. Meditation is a good idea. Hoping to take my daughter to the shore tomorrow – less news checking for me.

  2. It is often difficult to find a sense of calm in this crazy world, but I hope you do find it. I must admit that I find a sense of gratitude when looking at your beautiful photos.

  3. It is a crazy world indeed, and it seems even more so this summer. Thank you for the serene photos you share.

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