Sunday Scenes: November 16, 2014


“I sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and leaves of gold there grew:
Of wind I sang, a wind there came and in the branches blew.
Beyond the Sun, beyond the Moon, the foam was on the Sea,
And by the strand of Ilmarin there grew a Golden Tree.”
J.R.R. Tolkien



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8 responses to “Sunday Scenes: November 16, 2014

  1. Julia Manuel

    Beautiful apt quote for a beautiful tree. I love this photo 🙂 peace, j

  2. Your first photo is absolutely gorgeous, but I like the shadows in the second as well.

  3. A very fitting line from Tolkien – so apropos for these beautiful fall photos!

  4. Oh, loving the Tolkien quote. “leaves of gold there grew” – what a fine complement to your beautiful photos.

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