Door, Window, Storage

window weathered

I like to photograph windows. I found this particular one near a boat ramp. It was on storage building.

brown door

The brown door in the image above is the entrance to a small lighthouse located overlooking the Columbia River at Clover Island Marina in WA.


And, also, at the marina I came upon this row of storage units. I liked the green unit, and how it stood out, and liked the reflections in the water.

Visit Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors, for more window and door captures.

Sorry for the update-I needed to add a link.


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4 responses to “Door, Window, Storage

  1. Have you participated in Toby’s Windows and Doors meme? I’m sure she would appreciate this as entry! It looks like Ralph (his blog is Airhead 55) has now taken it over.

  2. Cool choice of portals – the window mesh has hints of rust on it from the nearby briny sea, the massive wood door a look to the past, the sheds having modern, functional doors. Nice views!

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