Bodies of Water and Prayer


The melodiousness of the sound of the waves lapping is always music to my ears and my heart, causing me to think about the sea and how it intertwines with religions practices.

The sheer beauty and majesty of the sea leaves me in awe and wonderment.

In Southern California, many Jews come to Venice or Santa Monica to “cast away their negativeness and sins (Tashlich)” during Rosh Hashanah. It is an emotional sight to see the Jewish community gathering together, at the sea, heads bowed and heads raised upwards, in prayer.

Prayer and seeking forgiveness on Rosh Hashanah, can also be attained at a river, a lake, a pond, or other sources of water. The water source is symbolic of our sins moving on, and our determination to not repeat the negativity of the past.

two benches

Shabbat Shalom!

I wish you all a Sweet New Year, filled with serenity and joy! Shanah tova!


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2 responses to “Bodies of Water and Prayer

  1. Shabbat Shalom! Shana tova! Thank you for the beautiful photos. I am thinking of my son who will be doing tashlich in a man-made pond outside his yeshiva in Israel. They posted a picture on Facebook – it didn’t look nearly as pretty as your bodies of water. But like how you describe Jews coming together as emotional, I am sure it will be a similar situation all over the world!

    • Thank you, Leora…the same to you and your family!

      I will think of your son, also. Man-made pool, tub, whatever, water is water, yes?! I love that! I am sure it will be a tashlich he will remember!

      I am grateful that the earthquake in Japan, a couple of hours ago was not a disastrous one, and that my son and family are just fine, as is all of Tokyo.

      Yes, Jews coming together, all over the world, so intense.

      I am off to synagogue! Shabbat Shalom, once again!

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