Passover Seder

passover haggadah

A Passover Haggadah by Elie Wiesel, and illustrated by Mark Podwal, is a beautiful book that I treasure.

From Wiesel’s insightful revelations to his recollections of Passover Seders past, he brings illuminations that evoke meanings into the passages, through his commentaries.

the no potato

I have reviewed this book in the past, and wanted to post it again, without linking to my original review. I love this book, and can’t say enough about it.

The No Potato Passover: A Journey of Food, Travel and Color, by Aviva Kanoff is an exceptional cook book, in more ways than one.

It is not just a cookbook, but also a travelogue through cities and villages in Italy, through Croatia, Jamaica, New York, Czech Republic, Israel, Budapest, and several other locations, with accompanying photographs of both location and of recipe accomplishment.

The recipes’ finished products are delightful to look at in photographic form, and the recipes, themselves, are wonderful additions to the Passover celebration. I would make them year round, not just during Passover.

I tried three recipes, and was extremely happy with the results. So were my family members.

Baby Bok Choy with Garlic and Ginger came out fantastic. I served it with brown rice and chicken chunks.

I loved the Honey Mustard Poached Salmon.

The Chicken With Apricot Marmalade and Balsamic Vinegar Recipe came out divine. I thought I would never stop drooling. I served it with asparagus.

I highly recommend the delightful The No Potato Passover to everyone. It is not only a journey through cooking, but also a journey through inspiring and beautiful photographic locations.

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