I am a Bookworm

If you truly know me, and my passions, you know what an avid reader I am.  My name is known to a few very dear friends, and family, as Bookdiva (for 20 years, now).  That persona illuminates my love of books.

For me, books are more than an inanimate object.  They breathe life, filling my senses, from their feel, scent of them, varied page textures and scripts, within the books, the taste of each book’s aura, and even listening to the pages being turned, by my fingers.  The stories within them inspire me, bring me hope, educate me on many levels, make me mad, make me cry, make me smile, and make me feel grateful for having perused them.

When/if you call me a bookworm, I receive it as a compliment.  Books are a part of my soul, ever present, surrounding my hours with comfort.

Here are  the books that I have read, so far, in 2020, in no particular order:
A Bell for Adano
The Family Upstairs
The Survivors
Under Occupation

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