Youthful Beauties

dead of winter

It amazes me how nature displays its wonder in winter.  Tree trunks bend forward, youthful beauties, beginning their growth, all limbs.  Their branches hovering over the stream, awkwardly, self-concious preteens, adolescents, seeking their status within the group of boughs.


Winter trees with branches that are almost colorless stilts, drab to some, but lovely to me in their neutralness.  They too, hover over the river, and their reflections appear stick-like in the water.  Come spring their branches will flourish with leaves, perceptions of fullness, as they mature.


Grasses and shrubs compete for attention in the stillness of winter.  Golden blades, stand tall, proud.  Splashes of green fencing form a wall fronting the river.

Winter beauty, bare branches, grasses, and river, nature rests in quietude.

Copyright Lorri M.

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