Bridge Beauties

Bridges are connections, overpasses, passages over obstacles that take us from one side to another. They are also a spiritual symbol, leading us on a journey across a divide or an obstacle, that could connect us to faith and religion.

At times the bridge comes to an end, with no way to walk on any further, and one must turn around and retrace their steps, leading them to ponder the paths they must bridge, or think about reconnecting, with community, religion, or family.

Bridges are often a vision of wonder, architectural beauties that can steer one’s thoughts to contemplate, as we wander on our trek through life.  They can lead us to remember the bridges we have crossed in moments past, ponder the bridges we are currently crossing in order to make necessary decisions, and beg us to reflect upon our future, within our current choices.

Life’s bridges are our links to the past, the present and the future.  -Lorri M.


Copyright, Lorri M.  No permission is given to use my photographs or prose, without explicit confirmation.

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